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Zavod probehl

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Zavod probehl

Jizerské hory


Running camps

Date: 7th to September 9th, 2017 (arrival Friday afternoon / evening)

The camp includes:

  • Two nights’ full board in a 3-star hotel with sauna and jacuzzi
  • lectures on training methodology (training schedules, heart rate, lactate thresholds, VO max. etc.), diet, and suitable equipment
  • runs - interval training, running uphill, the ABC of running, a longer "panoramic" run to enjoy the beauty of the mountains
  • strengthening and stretching training with a focus on running

The camp should teach you how to train effectively, how to avoid injury and to improve your times on your preferred distances / races, and especially how to enjoy every step of your run.

At the camp, you will meet like-minded people and we are confident that you will enjoy this weekend.

Price: 900 CZK per person in a double room

For more information please contact us on 775 670 277 or at


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„Absolutely fantastic and a joy to run ... a beautiful trail, a great route, minimum asphalt, excellent weather and views, gre...“
19.12.2016 11:32Cubic - Running camp
„Today was officially my first race ...... everything was beautifully prepared ...... wonderful people ..... I ran beautifully...“
19.12.2016 11:32Štěpánka - Running camp