About us

About us

With our series of mountain half marathon races, we want you to approach running as we do. For us, running is fun, a way of life, a sporting activity in nature, motion in the mountains.

To begin, you will also need a good pair of shoes and determination. Of course you can run just because you want to. But what if you decide that running alone isn’t much fun? What if you want to measure your strength in the company of others? What if you do not enjoy spending time pounding the streets, but would much prefer to be running out in the countryside?

If that’s you, then we have prepared a series of running races that you will love. We run in the mountains that we like the most. With our Mountain half marathon, you can visit the Krušné Hory, Šumava and Krkonoše Mountains. Because everyone has different goals and limits, we have organised the races in two formats: 21 km and 10 km.

Our race in Krkonoše closes the series and is distinguished from the others by its "social" dimension. Children from an orphanage in Vrchlabi help us on the route. To thank them we to arrange a collection. At almost all events of this type you receive a lot of useless T-shirts and other items from sponsors – most of which end up at the bottom of your wardrobe. In contrast, we ask you to look in your own wardrobes and drawers, in your cellars and attics. If you can find sporting goods (clothing or old bikes, scooters, tennis racquets etc.,) which you no longer need, the children of the orphanage would be delighted to have them.

We appreciate your support and look forward to welcoming you at our races.


Vojta Zemler

Chief Timekeeper, Cameraman - editing - video

Petr Farkač - Farky


Mirka Nováková - Blecha


Martin Šmíd

Technical support, Cameraman, Refreshments


Kristýna Ječmenová

Registration, Refreshments


email us at apragueguide@gmail.com

All volunteers are welcome!