Krkonoše 2018

VENUE:Špindlerův Mlýn, near the Labe dam

Krkonoše 2018

The Mountain Half-marathon series concludes in Krkonoše.

Do you love the mountains?  Do you want to exercise in the open air?  Do you like to compete – whether against others or against yourself? Why not begin your October with a mountain half marathon in the beautiful environment of the Krkonoše Mountains, in the area around Špindlerův Mlýn?

This race offers you a wonderful albeit difficult track with fantastic views.  The route runs along the Labe dam, the Labe itself and then from the Michlova mill it rises along trail paths following Forester’s creek to a shed on the plain where there is a refreshment station.  At this point the two trails separate.  The longer trail continues along the green hiking trail to the Klínové shed and then follows the beautiful blue hiking trail around Stoha mountain back to the finish line.

The Children’s race is part of all our events and is not to be missed.

Amongst a flood of expensive commercial races, we have decided to take a slightly different approach and have limited our entry fees to just 450 CZK.

What makes our races different from the others is their ‘social’ dimension.  Children from an orphanage in Vrchlabí will be helping us, both with the organisation of the event and on the route itself.  To thank them we would like to arrange a collection.  At almost all events of this type you receive a lot of useless T-shirts and other items from sponsors – most of which end up at the bottom of your wardrobe.  In contrast, we are not going to give you anything like this.  Instead we would ask you to look in your own wardrobes and drawers, in your cellars and attics.  If you can find sporting goods (clothing or old bikes, scooters, tennis racquets etc.,) which you no longer need, the children of the orphanage would be delighted to have them.  Thank you very much in advance! :-)


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Entry fees: 

Half marathon (21km) - 450 CZK
11km race - 100 CZK
Children's race - FREE
The fee covers race organisation and refreshments on the course and at the finish


September 15, 2017 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.


10 km race - 10:00
Half marathon (21 km) - 12:00
Children's race - 15:00 (will be run if there is sufficient interest)

Time limit: 

10 km race - 2 hours
Half marathon (21 km) - 3.5 hours

Competition categories: 

10 km race - M (Male) and F (Female)
Half marathon (21km) - M (Male) and F (Female)
Children's race categories will be based on registered participants

Announcement of the winners: 

Certificates and prizes will be prepared for the first three men and women in each of the 10 km and half marathon (21 km) races. The announcement is expected to be made at 14:45.

Terms and conditions: 

Binding rules and conditions of the race.  You agree:

  1. You will follow the instructions of the organisers.
  2. The organisers ask you to respect the general principles of behaviour in a natural environment.
  3. You confirm that you are aware of the risks of damage and/or injury to health arising from participation in the race.
  4. The organisers are not liable for any personal injury, property damage or other harm arising from participation in or watching the races.
  5. You declare that you are participating the race voluntarily.
  6. You confirm that you are participating in the race at your own risk and peril, and that you are exclusively responsible for your physical readiness and capability.
  7. You must meet the conditions of good health and must not show signs of intoxication or the use of narcotics.
  8. The organisers reserve the right to either refuse permission to start and/or exclude from the race, any persons who show signs of serious fatigue or exhaustion or signs of the use of alcohol or narcotics.
  9. You are required to be covered by valid health insurance for the duration of the race including coverage for emergency services and hospitalisation.
  10. The organisers do not provide the participants with insurance (health, accident, liability, etc.). If you need insurance of any kind, it is your responsibility to arrange this yourself including in particular, health insurance and cover for any treatment / hospitalization. You are responsible to any costs associated with this insurance.
  11. The organisers reserve the right to make changes in the program, the offer, and these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  12. Only properly registered competitors may take part in the races.
  13. You are personally responsible for your decisions about your physical condition and your ability to complete the distance.
  14. Participants who are minors but who have attained the age of at least 16 years on race day may participate in the races, but must submit a parental consent before doing so.
  15. You must arrive in the start area at least 15 minites before the start of the race.
  16. Prior qualification or completion of previous races in the series are not prerequisites to participation in these races.
  17. You agree to follow the designated route race
  18. The race will normally take place regardless of weather conditions. However, in the event of extreme conditions (extreme heat, cold, storms, etc.), the organisers are entitled to postpone the race start or cancel the race depending on the situation at that time.
  19. The organisers reserve the right to intervene in individual races or vary the offer based on the situation and the requirements of the CHKO, NP, Czech Forest and other course landowners up to 14 days before the start of a race. The start and finish will not be changed. In the event of any change of route, the organisers will attempt to preserve the approximate length and difficulty of the course.
  20. All video and audio recordings made of participants during the race may be used by the organiser for promotional purposes or for promoting the organisers’ partners without any right of participants to any compensation.
  21. None of the organisers' decisions are subject to judicial review.
  22. Finishing order is determined according to the order at the finish line, i.e. based on official times.
  23. The time limit for completing the race is 3.5 hours for the main race and 2 hours for the half race.
  24. Children can register for the Children's race only in the presence of an accompanying adult.


  1. You can register through the online registration form on the organisers’ website or directly at the race venue at the times set out in the race regulations.
  2. The organisers reserve the right to suspend or close registrations without notice.
  3. Your registration is valid only after payment has been received, either by pre-payment to the organisers’ bank account or by cash or credit card.
  4. In exceptional cases, entry fees that have been paid can be transferred to another person or to another race of Mountain Half Marathon (but no later than one year after payment). You must notify the organisers of any such transfer no later than three days before the event.
  5. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the race due to unforeseen events. If you have already paid your entry fee, it will be fully refunded within three weeks of the cancelation of the race.  The refund will be made by bank transfer to the account from which the fee was paid.

Your Rights as a Participant in the Series:

  1. You have the right to use the refreshment stations during the race to regain energy (food and drink) and if necessary to use first aid kits located at the race start and finish
  2. If you finish on the podium, you have the right to receive the relevant prize
  3. You have the right to protest – in any category or in the race
  4. Any such protest must be in writing and delivered personally to the Race Director before the official end of the race. Any protest lodged after the official end of the race will be disregarded.
  5. The protest fee is 500 CZK and is non-refundable. (The fee is payable in cash to the Race Director at the time the protest is lodged).

Rules for Running with Dogs:

  1. Only dogs older than 12 months may participate in the race.
  2. Only healthy dogs may start. Do not forget to bring your dog’s vaccination certificate with a valid vaccination against rabies.
  3. The dog must complete the race in a harness and must be connected at all times to your belt via a spring-loaded leash.
  4. Any aggressive behaviour by your dog on the track or at the start is unacceptable, and is punishable by disqualification
  5. Harsh or aggressive behaviour towards dogs is also punishable by disqualification.
  6. You participate at your own risk and are responsible for damage caused by you or your dog.
  7. Only one dog can participate per runner.
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